How much websites cost?

Cost on the websites I build usually come in around $1500 dollars for all that I do. You will not find anyone that will work harder for you in this type of design.

I love what I do and making phones ring is my goal. I do love to get paid but when I hear my clients tell me about up turns in business it makes me feel like the first time I saw a clients face in satisfaction looking at the website I created. If you know that type of passion and have seen it or have it yourself you understand.

After your website is complete Monthly costs will apply depending on what your goal is for the website.

starting at $22 dollars a month. Basic park, no plug-in management.

Fully managed website ranking to key words provided and Facebook ads made monthly are $125 a month. This is far below the national average cost. If you have received quotes then you all ready know this. I have no contracts. If you do not rank to your best interests about your business I do not charge you a dime. I do not charge this cost for 3 months. It does take 50 days or so for the indexing process to began to rank you well. I do not charge during this process. Anyone that does is not the type of person you would want to trust with your business. I have heard horror story’s about website design people taking advantage of clients. In fact I have a few client’s now that I went to battle for in defending them from cowards that hid behind technology. Another reason my phone is always on. Door open. Communication is key.



We work for you!

If it doesn’t work out or you’re not happy with your website after completion please let us know! We will return any money you paid! keep your money. We are not after that. We are after results, customer relationships and client satisfaction.  Even further in this pledge to earn your total confidence and business.  Along with your money spent returned, I will send you $50 for wasting anyone’s time. Ask any competition to make that statement. Or anyone else in business today. Remember, ask for more! Your business is worth a phone call to me and your time respected. 

Is the answer clear yet? Did you know that if you do not rank on a Google search specific to key group you want your business found when a potential client performs a generic search to term words you offer them then there is no monthly charge?  Who does that? We do. I still get excited to see the success.  We are willing to pay to show you.