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Have you been in a situation where the need for a new server administer was forced through no fault of yours?

Have you ever had a marketing company hold your website in a ransom style play requiring money from you to move, update or even speak to you?

How about when you can not get a hold of someone providing website service to change information or when you have to speak with 3 people to change one thing. Did getting that great price for hosting sound good only to find yourself on a proxy server with 236,000 other websites? Does ranking have your most powerful tool on page 5 when searched for service you provide? No calls means no business.
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In the market of technology and websites there has been a lot of  smart people come up with ways to get more money from website clients as well your marketing needs. Playing on a need to be ranked on the first page to get a better chance of phone calls. There has been so many people claim to be to truth in S.E.O. Some even big companies. Others that will use black hat style tricks that will most likely end with your website black listed to never be found on Google at all.

Understanding how this works will be key to any business owner in the future.
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.
These guys are the website police if you will. When your website URL name is purchased they are the ones that release the URl on to the digital information highway or world. Then whom ever is your administer will grab it and park it on the server they choose. Fast, slow or a list of so many other things that effect ranking are rolled into this part. This is the number one important piece to a website and ranking hands down. Cheap server costs look and sound good but long run can cost you so much more.

There is an easy solution to this that makes since and we can help you every step of the way. We have built and hosted hundreds of websites over the years. We get this. Now we will give it to you just the way it needs to be.
Clients can purchase the server in their or the business name. With help and guidance Tailored to your needs not ours. This is a game changer as well taking a big bargaining chip off the table in your way favored. We will set up your server and do all the KC Full Service things we do including installation of software to tell search engines about you. This is as transparent as it can be and in fact the way it should be done. We will set up a full control password and log in for you for both the server and the website, two different areas that need credentials for maintaining or moving any website. You will have them.
If or when you want another designer to help you, that can be achieved the with no worry about sabotage or phone calls not returned. Clients will receive a monthly bill to them for the server and understand exactly what is going on and if needed to verify anything they are the owners. For any website to be moved from a server it is required the current server admin release it from the server it is on. Next step the new server admin can pick it up to park it on the new server. This is where we have seen issues as people do not like to loose money. The money you will save will be enough for you to understand why this happens this way and this process thought up by the people that understand how this works and depend on you not getting this. So important that if you need to call me, please do. You will not be charged for any conversation we have and it will be 100% confidential. I will give you the right questions to ask. I will give you the best course of action to fix any issues you might have as well.
It is not your money I am after. It is the trust and longevity I find to be the best reward in relationship to what I have to gain by even explaining this process. If you are paying any pay per click type service I can help you eliminate that monthly cost and be found in more areas generically for free.

Cost of your server monthly will be based off each client and personal need for business. Your email is set up server based as well we can set that up. The most important thing is that you are set up on a dedicated type service. Opposite to Proxy that polls showed 79% of websites are today.  Easiest to understand speed equals customer user friendly to the search engines wanting the best in view for anyone using them to browse. Proxy is your website in an apartment style stack like firewood. The index process to score your sight for ranking is lazy, Information hard to find or at a slowed down pace can effect up to 40% of that index score. 1)Fixing that alone is a game changer most will find. This with 2) the use of synonyms in your content to keywords used. 3) Pictures named to match up to the theme Title of that page it is place. 4) Software to guide search engines what, where info. needs. 5) lengthy pages of over 350 words content Google recommends.  Just a few more things depending on your business and saturation to the area you are in. I can help with that as well. Keep in mind the experience in your designer makes a huge impact on so many things not taught any where on the planet because they do change, this is by design. A.K.A Algorithm
There you have the truth about S.E.O and webdesign. Thank you for visiting and getting information on website ranking. If I can help set your website up in this type arrangement configuration mentioned above or set up on one on our servers please call, email, come by, or simply use the contact form below.  My service is half the cost the normal price.I will also offer coaching staff to be able to do this in house.