Life Experience

I am Jeff Wood,

Director of services and responsible for the creation of KC Full Service and KC Pro Hosting, a website hosting company with servers built and designed to keep up with digital marketing needs and keeping clients relevant in a generic Google search for services provided.

I have an extensive retail experience that I can quickly summarize to give you an idea of my background. Life happens fast.

I have over 20 years of combined experience in different technical and managerial sale roles. Some of this experience comes from liquidation work. I honed in on specifically working in IT and retail consultation services, specializing in website development. This website development centered around working with search engines, data analytics, wordpress application, geo-tagging, database collection, and general database system information. I have also garnered years of experience in retail management, H.R. relations, and business start-ups.

I started my career as a janitor. I worked on the floor of a CompUSA technology store. I was promoted to a retail sales position by the management team there because of my obvious passion for technology. I worked at CompUSA under several different management titles. From my seven years there I learned valuable management styles and techniques before I left due to CompUSA being bought and liquidated by the Gordon Brothers Group. I then worked as a liquidator for the Group. I was asked to work for the Gordon Brothers Group as a liquidator due to my stellar sale rate- I was the highest achieving salesman in the entire chain before CompUSA had closed. I do have all store sales numbers on hand if requested. I understand anything can be told to you. I have reference letters as well. 

Moving forward I had closed several other stores such as 3 Office Depot locations, 3 Circuit City Technology stores, and 2 Mervyns Department Stores. This type of work gave me in insight with understanding of what going out of business means and the effects of job loss.

I then worked as a team developer and project consultant in regional management for Stego Enterprise. I specialized in retail consignment operations working for Spirit Halloween. I personally constructed, merchandised, marketed, leased, and staffed these Spirit Halloween stores, working 100 days straight with no off days. Afterward the Halloween season had ended I worked as a CIO or a CTO for different start-up companies under my own company name KC Full Service. I offered these new businesses my technology skills, website and digital marketing skills, and service experience from my personal work experience. My strong passion and dedication to graphic design, photography, and marketing via SEO has earned me a strong client list of over 100 clients and 75 live websites. These companies and their websites are hosted by the subsidiary company of KC Full Service. KC Pro Hosting is a dedicated server array that is focused on latency speeds, cyber security, E-Commerce transaction, and search engine manipulation.

In my free time I work on a variety of free lance projects which further honed my digital marketing skill set. These free lance projects have also aided me in developing skills in server and website breach detection, recognizing and correction losses in digital marketing shares, extorting data, cybersquatting, and working with social aggregation areas of websites. From these projects I have gained skills in working with websites backend and frontend systems and UX design.

If I can answer any questions or concerns I will do my best to do so. I have learned so much getting to this point. The most important one has been to help people. When we are able to help a new business get started or an old business from bankruptcy, The only common denominator has been good things that come to me for taking the time to help.

I can be reached from the contact form on this site, or email sent to and or you can always call me anytime at (816)256-1784